Quality :~  

Shreeji Khakhra Ingredients :

1. a)
Wheat Meal (Coarsely ground wheat):- This is the major ingredient among all, for the Khakhra. To ensure consistency in quality taste & aroma, we procure choicest quality of wheat & get ground.
   b) Pulses Meal :- Superior quality pulses are procured, & get ground.
      Always, the freshness of Meal plays role in the taste of product.

2. Oil:- Double refined low fat edible oil is used.

3. Salt:- Iodized salt.

4. Spices:- Following spices (home cleaned & /or made) are added, as taste maker.
   a) Red chilly powder
   b) Turmeric
   c) Jeera
   d) Ajwain (or Ajma / Ajmo)
   e) Black salt
   f) Asafetida

5. Vegetables:- The vegetables / extracts there of used are:
   a) Kothmir (Hara Dhaniya):- Fresh Leaves
   b) Palak:- Fresh Leaves
   c) Pudina:- Fresh Leaves
   d) Tomato & Karela :- For each & every batch of khakhra, pulp/ extract of fresh vegetables.
   e) Garlic:- Fresh cloves of Garlic.
   f) Methi:- The leaves are dehydrated at our premise & then used.

Standard Packing :~  
A. Unit Packing (200gms Vacuum Pouch)

B. Bulk Packing – in 2 stages :

    i) Inner Carton (3-Ply, Multicolor Offset printed
       & Laminated) contains :
       20 Vacuum pouch * 200 gms. = 4 kg. Khakhra

   ii) Outer Carton (5-Ply Heavy – Sea worthy,
       Single Color Offset printed) contains :
       4 kg. inner * 4 nos. = 16 kg. / 80 pouches

   Gross Weight of the Outer Carton is : 18.5 kg.
   Dimensions of Outer Carton in inch :
       15.25" (Length) * 15" (Width) * 15" (Height)


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